This question really depends on your style and budget.  Honestly, a good iPhone 7 Plus will give you the depth of field typical in a traditional DSLR, although it is not perfect. If you are comfortable with a DSLR, then that is always the way to go. There are so many good options today, including affordable options that cost as little as $500.  Most importantly, remember any camera you buy is for fun and learning. 

My camera equipment is super simple. Because I have used the Canon DSLR for years, I upgraded to the mirrorless version when it came out.


Here is my setup:

Camera body


  • XF35mm F1.4R
  • I highly recommend this lens. You can shoot in very low light. The Fuji X-T1 is a mirrorless camera, so this is the 50MM in traditional DSLR camera.  I also have a few other lenses but I don’t use them often when it comes to drink photography.


I usually shoot either in the early evening when the natural light is soft or in the evening where I use a lamp with lampshade diffuser.

In the next post, I will share the setups I have at home including my boards and props. Stay tuned!

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