Hi this is Vivian from San Francisco! I am an entrepreneur by day and a home mixologist by night. I love cocktails and photography, especially when they are combined. 

In March of 2016, I stared thetipsymuse Insagram account–I found that I resonate so much more with food and drinks when they’re paired with photographs. However, I found that most recipe books have a very limited number of photos (if you’re curious as to why, here is a great article from Nick Kokonas, the owner of Alinea, which explains how the book publishing industry works). One day, I decided to go through the recipes from my favorite cocktail book: Death & Company , and began taking pictures of the drinks I made and posting them on Instagram. I hope to share and inspire others to make their own creative concoctions.

I provide services such as  cocktail design and photography  for brands, small businesses and retails.  Get in touch if you are interested! Drop an email at real.tipsymuse at gmail dot com.

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Vivian Cromwell