Hi this is Vivian from San Francisco! I am an entrepreneur,  photographer, and a freelance journalist who writes about cocktails, spirits, distilleries, bars and people behind it.

I help brands with cocktail recipe design, photography, educational content, and social media strategy. If you are interested in collaboration, feel free to get in touch at real.tipsymuse at gmail dot com.

In March of 2016, I stared thetipsymuse Insagram account–I found that I resonate so much more with food and drinks when they’re paired with photographs. However, I found that most recipe books have a very limited number of photos (if you’re curious as to why, here is a great article from Nick Kokonas, the owner of Alinea, which explains how the book publishing industry works). One day, I decided to go through the recipes from my favorite cocktail book: Death & Company , and began taking pictures of the drinks I made and posting them on Instagram. I hope to share and inspire others to make their own creative concoctions.

Press and brand contributions:

  • Press
    • Feedfeed – Editor for “Stock the bar’
    • Supercall – Top 10 cocktail instagrammers to follow
  • Brands
    • Cognac BNIC, Armagnac BNIA, Grey Goose, Bombay, Cinzano, Angostura, Kikori Whiskey, Highland Park, Abelour, Norlan Whisky glass, Fernet Branca, Anthropologie and many more.

Vivian Cromwell